PLA filament EXTRAFILL Concrete Grey 2.85mm 750g – Fillamentum

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PREMIUM filament high quality brand Fillamentum, made production processes and rigorous quality. Made in Europe.

Concrete Grey

EXTRAFILL PLA 2.85mm ± 0,05mm

Spool > 750g

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PLA filament EXTRAFILL Concrete Grey 2.85mm 750g

PLA filament EXTRAFILL Concrete Grey 2.85mm 750g of Fillamentum brand, is a PLA PREMIUM very high quality 100% pure, with a very good raw material (100% pure, no additives, etc.) and production processes and quality very rigorous, manufactured in Europe.

The PLA EXTRAFILL is a filament made specifically for 3D printing technology FFF (also known as FDM). The advantage of this material is that it can easily be used in 3D printers, obtaining a high-quality printed pieces, even in difficult details and excellent lamination of the printed object.

PLA (polylactic acid), is a strong, rigid thermoplastic, which offers high resistance to deformation. Plant-based, biodegradable in a high percentage, as it is derived from renewable resources such as cornstarch and sugarcane, and for the same reason your plant, to merge into the hotend not emit harmful emissions health, emitting a sweet odor.

Fillamentum ensures high dimensional accuracy of the filaments, within a tolerance +/- 0.05 mm, which is strictly controlled by laser techniques along the entire production.

The PLA is popular for printing on 3D printers most used material and, since it is easy to use and require less extruder temperature (depending on the extruder between 180 and 220) to other synthetic filaments, and also needs a relatively low temperature in the heating base.

PLA filament EXTRAFILL Concrete Grey 2.85mm prints 3D objects opaque not translucent.

The PLA plastic filament vacuum packaged with desiccants to ensure that the material can be used with more optimum properties.


  • 2.85mm ± 0,05mm


  • > 750g

Working temperature

  • 190-210 ° C


  • Bright appearance and good surface finish


  • RAL 7023/ Pantone P424

Spool dimensions

  • 200 mm x 55 mm

Council Print

Printing with PLA is not necessary to heat the heating base as the PLA is less prone to deformation during printing and more “sticky” the ABS, however, with 50 ° C ensures a good impression in all conditions.

For extra grip slightly advise spraying the heating base with a layer of lacquer.

Council of use

Being a relatively low melting material (starts to crystallize from 90), it is not advisable to use printed pieces with PLA, subjecting them to excessively warm environments, since direct heat a large part is degraded.

After opening the packaging, but is to be used for a long time, we recommend that you keep in a plastic box sealed with a desiccant, to prevent the material from absorbing moisture so you can print the parts with maximum guarantee of quality.


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