Electronic Basic Kit for CNC with Mach3

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The Electronic Basic Kit for CNC with Mach3, is made up of the basic electronic components, to control and operate a medium / large CNC machine for stepper motors up to 5A.

Controller Board USB 200KHz Mach3 - CNC

200KHz USB controller board, for the control of CNC machines with Mach3,

Electronic controller board, specifically designed for milling machines and CNC machines that require the movement of up to 6 axes or motors (depending on the model).

ST-M5045 Stepper Motor Driver × 4

Stepper Motor Driver ST-M5045 is a controller stepper motors high efficiency.

It is suitable for step 2-phase hybrid stepper motors and step 4-phase motors, which can be used from NEMA17 to NEMA34 with a current of 1.0A minimum phase up to 4.5A.


50,00 43,56 IVA inc. / pc.

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Power Supply 24V 17A 400W

Power Supply 24V 17A 400W is a switching power supply electronics, high efficiency and reliability.

Very robust with an excellent quality / price

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Solid State Relay 40A DC control - AC output

With the solid state relay 40A, the ON / OFF control of any AC device is controlled, with continuous DC control.

Ideal for CNC for the on / off milling machine (electromandrine)

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